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A Cowgirl Remembers When....

 In "A Cowgirl Remembers When...." Dawn Nelson shares
true life stories of growing up on a ranch in Washington state.
Hunting cougars, training horses, and exploring the mountains
were a major part of her life during her teenage years.

She has survived bouts with bulls, untrainable horses,
neighbors, a brother, and cancer. Taking some time to
read her stories about growing up "cowgirl" is sure to
bring a smile to your face.

Dawn Nelson currently lives on a ranch in Central Washington state.  

                  Written by: Dawn Nelson      $14.95 Plus Tax.


             Available at www.graydogpress.com

Table of Contents

The Wild Child
Crazy Ladies and California Boys
The Midnight Ride
Our Unsolved Mystery
The Shoot Out
The Big Boom
The Cougar Hunter
Thistle Slope

Cowboys and Indians

Fun and Games
Future Roper

Three Miles To Go

The Escape

Roll Over

The Horses
Horse Thief
The Bay Gelding
My Friend
A New Horse

A Deep Hole
Down Hill
The Slide
Another Angel
Lucky Lace Bug
Pain Cow
Pain Cows Demise
Forty Dollar Pig

The Rest
Whos Afraid of A Scarecrow?

Crazy Hazy
In The Crosshairs
Welding Lessons
A Lost Soul
The Border
Little Boy Green
The Hunting Party

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     Raising Registered Gelbvieh,
        Angus and Balancer cattle.

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